Sunday, August 23, 2009

Comics Ads!


This first ad is from the February, 1977 cover-dated DC Comics. Of particular note for this blog is the Feiffer book (one of the first books about comics I ever owned, along with All in Color For A Dime), as well as the Amazing World of Superman tabloid! I've never owned a copy of the latter book... heck, I think the last time I even saw one for sale was in Metropolis, Illinois, about 12 years ago! I wish I'd bought it then... but I probably would've had to sell it years ago when I was out of work...


This Neal Adams-pencilled "Justice for All Includes Children" house ad came from the March, 1976 DCs!


From the March, 1974 DC books, here's a house ad for the Famous First Edition of Action Comics #1! This was the only FFE I ever had as a kid, and I loved it! I still can't believe that some people were fooled by some dealers who took the cardboard cover off this and sold it as an original Action #1... even as a kid, I knew it was bigger than the original!


From April 1978's cover-dated DCs, here's a house ad for two of the Dollar Comics... I loved the concept behind Dollar Comics, but I guess it's probably a good thing for the comics industry it didn't become the standard... can you imagine what they'd be trying to charge for a book that big today?

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