Thursday, August 13, 2009

Comics Ads!


From the January, 1976 cover-dated DC books, here's an ad promoting the 1976 Super DC Con! I don't know if there were any other DC conventions after this one... I know Marvel did at least two.

To tie in with this convention, DC had a special edition issue of "The Amazing World of DC Comics" out.


Moving on to the January, 1979 cover-dated DCs, here's the full-page house ad for the second Superman Movie Contest!


And last, but not least, we have this full-page ad from the February, 1977 cover-dated DC comics promoting Peter Pan Records' Power Records imprint! There's but one Superman record here. The Marvel book and record sets seen here were reprints of actual comics (although with some relettering done where needed to avoid too many references to previous issues), but the DC Book and Record sets were all-original stories! Seems to me that DC would be smart to reprint these books in a TPB, perhaps with a CD of the original records, too -- I wonder who owns the rights to the recordings these days?

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