Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Comics Ads!

Another recurring feature here at the Fortress of Solitude Trophy Room will be comics ads that feature Superman, or members of the Superman Family!


First up is this house ad from the January, 1969 cover-dated DC Comics, promoting the current issue of Superboy! I actually have this issue, just not handy now (I used to have a huge collection of Silver and Bronze Age Superman titles, but now it's just a handful).


Superman and Supergirl are among the DC heroes featured in this ad from the January 1974 cover-dated DC Comics! These stickers are super-cool, and I wish they would be reissued these days. You'll see photos of the actual stickers here sooner or later!


Maybe I should've saved this house ad from the January, 1976 cover-dated DC books for Christmastime posts? I always liked DC's and Marvel's annual Christmas story collections when they were doing the tabloid books. And those Rudolph annuals were fun, too! I'll never understand why DC and Marvel aren't doing annual TPBs of Christmas-related stories these days...

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