Monday, August 10, 2009

Action Comics 282, Pages 1 and 10 plus Action 201, Page 8!

Over the next two days, the Fortress of Solitude Trophy Room will be presenting some original art pages from Action Comics! I've got quite a number of pictures of art pages in my files, but instead of having day after day after day of 'em, I'll be presenting them scattered about here and there.


First up is page 10 from Action 282, by Al Plastino. I believe I have all the pages from this particular story in my files, but to keep the lawyers happy, I'm not going to present them all in one day!


Here's another Plastino page! It's page 8 from Action Comics 201! I think this story was adapted somewhat for the George Reeves TV series, but it could be the other way around.


Here's the first page of the story I have page 10 from above! Yes, it's another Plastino page.

Two more pages of art tomorrow!

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