Saturday, December 5, 2009

Puzzle and Give-A-Show!


First up is a nifty Superman puzzle that a seller had paired with a GI Joe puzzle!


Next up is one of those rare items I actually have in my own collection! If you've been following my Give-A-Show blog or Random Acts of Geekery, you're probably aware that I collect these things. If not, the Give-A-Show Projector started in 1960, produced by Kenner, and lasted until the early 1980s. The projector (basically a flashlight with a lens) would let you project slide strips on any surface. Each strip had seven panels, telling a story. The vast majority of them featured licensed characters, especially Hanna-Barbera, but this set, which came out in 1968, had a LOT of super-heroes! Along with Superman, you can see Aquaman, the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and Thor!


Slides from the full sets were also available in smaller four-packs, for those who didn't want to buy a new projector just to get the new slides!

More Give-A-Show Tomorrow!

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