Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's Krypto's Birthday!

No, not Superman's Krypto... my Krypto!


Krypto is a white boxer, and today is his 5th birthday! This photo was taken in 2006, one of the two years I dressed him as his namesake for Halloween! Sometimes, when I see him running around and jumping over things, I wonder how much like his namesake he thinks he has to be! Anyway, to celebrate Krypto's birthday, here's some Krypto-related merchandise!


Argentina bottle cap!


Krypto and his master(s) page from the Color And Play set by Colorforms!


Krypto appears in the last panel of page 13 from Action Comics 293, by Al Plastino!


The Krypto figure Ideal offered with its Captain Action Superman and Superboy costumes, as well as with their Supergirl figure from the Super Queens line!


Krypto appears on page 24 from Superboy 93, by George Papp!

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