Friday, November 6, 2009

Super Powers Action Figures!

Today, we continue looking at Super Powers merchandise, focusing on some of the Kenner stuff!


Kenner did a great job on this incarnation of Brainiac!


Clark Kent was the only "secret identity" figure offered, and he was only available through mail order!


The box for the collector's case was cooler than the case itself!


Tom said...

I had that case! And Braniac! I remember when the mail-order Clark Kent was offered - Kenner wanted several proofs of purchases, 10 I think. I had the entire set of figures up to that time, but didn't keep the packaging. I was so disappointed! One of my earliest childhood heartbreaks. :(

nickflix1 said...

I've got that case at home! I'm actually trying to figure out what its worth. A little wear and tear but overall very nice quality, and yet I can't seem to find anything thru google about what it might even be worth. Anybody know? Thanks!