Friday, November 20, 2009

Stamps and Ideal Super Queen!


These super-hero stamps have always struck me as a bit odd... I've always theorized that someone figured comics were popular, stamp collecting was popular, how can we hit both markets? And this was the result. Of course, the stamp collectors ignored them completely, as they weren't really stamps. These show up on eBay fairly regularly, given there were quite a few DC and Marvel sets made!


Ideal's Super Queens line was kind of a tie-in with Captain Action, barely... they were the same scale, and even shared some similar accessories (Supergirl here also came with the same Krypto that came with the Superboy Captain Action costume). The line was also apparently supposed to get some of the Barbie market (a similar item from Hasbro, the GI Nurse, that tied in with GI Joe, did about as badly). The next Supergirl figure in toy history would be Mego's 1970s "World's Greatest Superheroes" one, and then nothing until the 1990s or so, with the animated series version of Supergirl!

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