Saturday, November 21, 2009

Movie Viewer and Argentina Temporary Tattoos!


It's kind of hard to imagine these days, but before home video really hit the mass market, movie viewers were a fairly popular toy! The original "movie viewers" were basically a small filmstrip viewer , and those had been produced since the 1940s or so. But in the 1970s and beyond, actual movie viewers with moving pictures started to hit the market, and briefly were all over the place (actually, Kenner had their Easy-Show Projector since the mid 1960s or so, but that required a dark room to view it in).

Galoob's "Sneak Previews" was one of the late entries into this market, with a motorized viewer (unlike the Kenner or Fisher-Price versions that required you to crank it by hand). I'm guessing it's Filmation's Superman cartoons that were used for this!

Next up today is this set of temporary tattoos from Argentina!


Not too bad looking, I'd say... could've used more solid coloring, though!

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