Sunday, September 6, 2009

Record and Activity Book!


This Wonderland Records item is something I see show up fairly often on eBay (relatively speaking, anyway). The Batman theme you should be familiar with, but the Superman song? Odds are, it's not the theme for the George Reeves tv series, and it's definitely not the theme for the Filmation series (by the way, I'd love it if someone got the rights to produce a CD set of Filmation's themes and background music). Chances are, it's a song that I first heard as a kid that looks like it's available here, among other songs.


This DC Superheroes Big, Big Activity Book is something I placed what I thought would be a large enough bid on to win it, but got outbid in the end... I planned to keep one and give the other to my son! Looks like Joe Staton art on the cover.

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