Saturday, September 5, 2009

Comics Ads!


Featured on this ad from the December, 1975 cover-dated DC books is the Super Friends tabloid, infamously known because the Alex Toth-drawn cover had Superman's head replaced by a Curt Swan-drawn Superman head! This was rather strange, as Toth did the character designs for Super Friends!


Ah, remember the day when both Superman and Batman had an equal number of titles between them? Of course, these days, there's no Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes or Superman Family, and World's Finest is gone, replaced by Superman/Batman. Is DC still doing the Legion book based on the long-cancelled cartoon? This ad is from the November, 1975 cover-dated DCs.


From the November, 1977 cover-dated DCs, here's a full-page house ad for the Superman Spectacular! I think I used to have this, but have no memory of what happened in it!

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